Nealey, 17;

I'm sorry I forgot to tell you, that I'm a glass of wine in shaking hands.

"Being with Anna is easy. She’s the one.”
The one. It stops my heart. I thought Max was the one, but… there’s that other one.
The first one.
“Do you believe in that?” I ask quietly. “In one person for everyone?”
Something changes in St Clair’s eyes. Maybe sadness. “I can’t speak for anyone but myself,” he says. “But, for me, yes. I have to be with Anna. But this is something you have to figure out on your own. I can’t answer that for you, no one can.”
“Lola.” He rolls his chair over to my side. “I know things are shite right now. And in the name of friendship and full disclosure, I went through something similar last year. When I met Anna, I was with someone else. And it took a long time before I found the courage to do the hard thing. But you have to do the hard thing.”
I swallow. “And what’s the hard thing?”
“You have to be honest with yourself.”
— Lola Nolan and Etienne St. Clair in Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins (via holybelikov)


[screams from the rooftops] HELP I AM IN LOVE WITH ETIENNE ST. CLAIR